#NANOWRIMO2016 Writers Sought

Mystery Thriller Week 2017 has a surprise for you when all the hard work of NaNoWriMo screeches to a halt and is a distant memory. A completely free online MTW scheduled for February 12th – 22nd next year will help keep you motivated to crank out that final Work In Progress you started in November. This is your personal ticket for a unique opportunity to connect with both new and award-winning published authors, writing specialists, story coaches, editors, publishers, bloggers focused on reviewing books, vloggers, podcasters promoting the craft of writing, filmmakers, and numerous fans itching to learn more about the Mystery Thriller genre.

For starters, we will announce a free Write Hook contest in December to celebrate your efforts toward crafting the first 300 words of a novel. What riveting book are you hiding deep down? Test it out during the Write Hook contest by drafting a first page that even the strictest editors will drool over. Capture their minds, imagination, and make them want more! Prizes will be awarded to the top three submissions.


Each attending author and specialist has booked one hour or more on the Mystery Thriller Week Facebook page to answer your live questions or to present a well-formed Skype or podcast presentation of hot writing topics related directly to the Mystery Thriller genre. Peruse the Facebook schedule to plan which sessions you can’t live without. Try an intense hour with K.M. Weiland who was named to the list of Top 100 Writing Websites HelpingWritersBecomeAuthors. Her newest writing craft book “Creating Character Arcs” is a sample of the highest level of educational sessions MTW has in store for you. We are pulling out all stops with the Dana Kaye hour, a professional publicist with KayePublicity and her well-received book “Your Book, Your Brand.” Click the Facebook Poll HERE if you want to attend this power hour with Dana Kaye! If you need pointers on human behavior and psychology, don’t miss our Skype session with world renowned Joe Navarro of JNForensics, a retired FBI agent, specialist and author of numerous behavioral books about body language and non-verbal communication, including “Narcissists Among Us,” “Dangerous Personalities,” and “How to Spot a Psychopath.”

If reading and reviewing tickles your medulla oblongata, treat that grey matter to more than 90 authors offering hundreds of FREE Mystery, Thriller, and Writing Craft e-books, audio books, and hard copies for your library. Pour through a selection of published works and contact the author directly through the MTW website to arrange a free copy of their latest novels. You may review as many books as you like. “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” ― Stephen King

Soak up invaluable knowledge imparted by this top-notch group of professionals gathered from five continents and multiple countries. Every single one has freely and generously offered to give their time, expertise, and advice to the world in a genre that spans millenniums and has captivated audiences since Cain killed Abel.

If you are still sitting on the sidelines and wonder where you fit in the 2017 Mystery Thriller Week, consider this your personal syllabus. MTW will deliver nothing less than: Collaboration, Education, Connection, Interaction, Competition, and most importantly Fun. Participate in one event or take advantage of everything. Create your own attendance schedule and become a master of something truly Mysterious and Thrilling.


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