Book Trailer Screening Room

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Flight of the Tarantula Hawk by Michael Allan Scott

Mythos Christos by Edwin Herbert

Blogging is Murder by Gilian Baker

She by David Kummer

Dark side by Michael Allan Scott


Unhinged by Shelley Pickens

Dead of Spring by Sherry Knowlton



The Guardian’s Wildchild by Feather Stone

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Debbie De Louise

Fatal Option by Chris Beakey

Forbidden by Feather Stone

No Accounting for Murder by  Leeann Betts

One Fell Swoop by David Linzee

There Was Crooked Man by Leeann Betts

Unbalanced by Leeanne Betts

Five and Twenty Blackbirds by Leeanne Betts

Broke Busted and Disgusted by Leeanne Betts

Blurred Vision by Christopher Botragyi

The Jingo by Brian Wutz

Forbidden by Feather Stone

The Guardian’s Wildchild by Feather Stone

A Necessary Act by Tony Wirt

Blood Moon by John David Bethel

Change of Hate by Joe Broadmeadow

Crossing the Whitewash by Nick Rippington

Death by Diploma by Kelly Kaye

Expired Listings by D.M. Barr

Gemini: The Sign Behind the Crime by Ronnie Allen

He Counts Their Tears by Mary Ann D’Alto

Kindred Killers by Gary Starta

KLAN Killing America from Ken Rossignol.

Marred by Sue Phillips Coletta

Mona Lisa Secret by Phil Philips

My Abigail: A Psychological Thriller by David Kummer

No Cure for Fear by Miriam A. Averna

One Dead Two to Go by Elena Hartwell

Our Justice by John Howell

Red Tide by Peg Brantley

Run by Sue Phillips, Kimberly McGrath and Jennifer Chase

Sarie by Heinrich Böhmke

Seconds to Live by Melinda Leigh

SKA@Carnarvon – War in the Bible Belt by Michael Smorenburg

SKA@Carnarvon – War in the Bible Belt by Michael Smorenburg

Suicide Seeds by Ken Fry

Ten Little Astronauts by Damon L. Wakes

Ten Little Astronauts

The Haunting of Secrets by Shelley Pickens

The Jacq of Spades by Patricia Loofbourrow

The Lovers Portrait by Jennifer Alderson

The Martyrs Brother by Rona Simmons

They’ll Call it Treason by Jordon Greene

To Watch You Bleed by Jordon Greene

Trail of Secrets by Laura Wolfe

Ultraxenopia by M.A. Phipps

UnderCover Operation: Julie The Inside Story by Stephen Bentley

Unhinged by Shelley Pickens

Wings of Mayhem by Sue Phillips Coletta

Writing Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall