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Reading is dreaming with open eyes


Keep those eyes open!

“There’s no friend as loyal as a book.”-Ernest Hemingway

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write. Simple as that.”-Stephen King


Show an author some love and pick a book to review. Be sure to post on Goodreads, Amazon or other appropriate platforms. Please be kind, thoughtful and courteous in your words. Being an author is no walk in the park.

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Now Let’s read!

Bell Grove

Identity Crisis

The Veiled soul

Univited Corpse

Down and out in Kathmandu

Before the Storm


Cut throat syndrome


And the wolf shall dwell

Hopelessly completely madly in love

Seaside slayer

The Steel shark

The Body on the barstool

Skin of tattoes

The Killing Collective

Tall Tales

Chasing Symmetry

Fatal Forgeries

The Jacq of Spades

Look the other Way


The Reading buddy

Mirror Mirror

Murder in Absentia

She a horror novel

From beyond the grave

Unfinished business

The Baby on the Back Porch

A Terrible Beauty

Sacrificial Lamb

Sherlock Holmes and the White Chapel Murders

When the reaper comes


Crossing the Whitewash

Santa Claws


Aftermath of Operation Intense freedom

Buildup to operation intense freedom

Run the Table Operation freedom

Cash me out

All in the Globe trot shuffle

Secret lies and private eyes

Murder in Absentia


Urban legion

Skeletons in the attic

Frankly speaking

Enemy fire

Raging falcon

Casket cache

Haunting of secrets


Organized for scheduled sabotage

Counterfeit Conspiracies