WHO AM I – February 20, 2017

identity-510866__340Today’s Guest Author may still be writing, loving, and living life to the fullest. Or they may not! Your clue today and every day for WHO AM I during your Mystery Thriller Week event will be the same: This author penned either a Mystery or Thriller genre book that was published.  Good luck and try your literary prowess from February 12-22, 2017 for a new prize daily. Enter your email (for prize notification) and multiple choice answer below.


Born: 1940

Gender: Male

Bio Information:  Today’s author was born in Jackson, TN but moved as a child with his family to Rich, MS. He was introverted and bookish in grade school and then blossomed in high school. He attended Baylor University in Waco, TX, where he majored in English and graduated in 1964. While in college, he worked as a reporter for the local newspaper, the Waco Herald Tribune, covering the police beat. In 1968, he moved to New York City to work for the Associated Press until 1974 when he began work on Black Sunday. Little is known about his personal life as he avoids publicity and has not given an interview since 1976. At Baylor University he met and married a fellow student named Harriet. They had one daughter, Anne, before they divorced in the 1960s. Fellow novelist Stephen King has remarked that if writing is sometimes tedious for other authors, to ‘this author’ it is like “writhing on the floor in agonies of frustration”, because, for him, “the very act of writing is a kind of torment”.  Today’s author remained close to his mother, Polly, and reportedly called her every night, no matter where he was, and often discussed particular scenes from his work with her. She died on December 31, 2011.

Book excerpt: On March 22, 1975, he failed to appear for a performance in Baltimore. On March 25 his body was discovered seated in a pew in a small rural church near Falls Church, Virginia, dressed only in a white tie and a tailcoat. Autopsy revealed that Raspil’s heart was pierced and that he was short his thymus and his pancreas. Clarice Starling, who from early life had known much more than she wished to know about meat processing, recognized the missing organs as the sweetbreads.

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