Mystery Books for Review

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Reading is dreaming with open eyes


Keep those eyes open!

“There’s no friend as loyal as a book.”-Ernest Hemingway

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write. Simple as that.”-Stephen King


See the list below of possible books to review. We all began this journey with a love of reading, so why stop now? Show an author some love and pick a book to review. Be sure to post on Goodreads, Amazon or other appropriate platforms. Please be kind, thoughtful and courteous in your words. Being an author is no walk in the park.

Response by our generous MTW authors has been amazing. If you would like to pair down your search for those perfect books to read and review by sub-genre and macro-genre,  check out the Master Theme list on Facebook Here.  As requested, please forward your book selections to the MTW team for inclusion in the No Book Left Behind list:,, and

It is the reviewer’s privilege to contact the authors personally, then please forward your post date and link to:


Now Let’s read!