Tailored Murder at 221B Baker Street

detective-152085__340Sherlock Holmes, not known for lengthy displays of gentlemanly tenderness, dropped the charming act and grilled his dead tailor’s sister.

“It is of great consternation to me, Marla, why you maintain that you stole the weapon from Mrs. Charlemagne’s kitchen when the knife plunged deep into your brother’s heart was robbed from the Prime Minister’s residence long before you arrived to retrieve him. Perhaps you are protecting someone whom you believe is the murderous offender.” Sherlock watched Jeeves from the corner of his eye to ascertain his increasing state of anxiety.

Holmes retrieved a pearl-handled letter opener from Barrister Rumsfeld’s massive desk and rested its tip on the forefinger of his opposite hand, mischievously twisting it as he crossed the room to square off in front of a highly agitated Jeeves. “You, sir, are of constant intrigue to me. You gifted one of these lovely letter openers to Marla during the approximated time rumors began to salaciously creep through the present crowd. Perhaps your intentions to deliver your father’s newly discovered Will needed a little assistance with its timing. Perhaps you planned Marla would snap once she had discovered Mack’s blatant penchant for other ladies of the evening and Mr. Chastain’s debts to him, which would effectively eliminate her inheritance. Your delivery of the Will to his Honorable Dumsfeld was most assuredly meant to coincide with Mr. Chastain’s deathly demise.”

Having eliminated the impossible and being left with the remains, however improbable, Sherlock Holmes has yet again scraped away the murky red herrings and is about to expose the truth. He strode to the front of Barrister Rumsfeld’s office and opened the ornate door granting entry to London’s finest Bobbies. Holmes pointed to the perpetrator and ordered the uniforms to “Remove that murderer from our presence.”

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