Mystery Thriller Week Crossword Puzzle #2

Win a prize! For all correctly completed Mystery Thriller Week Crossword Puzzle #1, you will be entered into a random drawing. The winner will receive a special e-book prize. Answers will be posted on the last day of Mystery Thriller Week, February 22nd, 2017.

Send your answers to the below puzzle by either uploading your scanned completed puzzle OR by typing your answers into the FORM below.  Good luck, and don’t forget to leave a wonderful comment on the web sites you visit on your international blog tour.



4. Fictionophile is a Top 1% reviewer on ____

6. Author Cooke believes in the ____ Rule at

7. ____ J. Smith and Jean Steffens began writing together when they figured out two heads are better (and faster) than one.

10. Janel Haley’s blog reviews Mystery & ____ books from all over the world at

11. Chelsea’s love of mysteries was spawned by Nancy ____

13. A. Fae’s full first name is ____

15. For book reviews, education and writing visit Michelle Dragalin’s ____ blog

16. Marya Miller’s Tales of Mist and Magic has a memorable character named Granny ___


1. The 1960’s Carson Reno series features ____ & Mystery around the world at

2. Prolific Kim hails from ____ South Africa

3. TBB’s tag line says it all: Read Review and ____ at

5. Anders Kermod book “A Falling ____” is featured on ibook, Kobo, Kindle, and Page Foundry

8. The 3 reviewers at this blog are represented by 3 ____ on the header photo

9. Zee is Taking the World in ____ at

12. Roxana was born sometime in the past ____

14. Ann WJ White is a Writer, ____, and Photographer at