Mystery Thriller Week Crossword Puzzle #1

Win a prize! For all correctly completed Mystery Thriller Week Crossword Puzzle #2, you will be entered into a random drawing. The winner will receive a special e-book prize. Answers will be posted on the last day of Mystery Thriller Week, February 22nd, 2017.

Send your answers to the below puzzle by either uploading your scanned completed puzzle OR by typing your answers into the FORM below.  Good luck, and don’t forget to leave a wonderful comment on the web sites you visit on your international blog tour.



3. This golden author can be found at

5. Most dangerous city of this book’s home at

7. Her book is missing this at

8. Narrator who finished her Tiramisu at

10. This Lover’s Portrait is authored by

12. Eeva Lancaster’s ____ Book Covers can be created by visiting

14. Hope’s books are found in this Georgia town at

15. Ex FBI agent turned psychic PI at

16. This Reader’s Favorite The ____ Madonna can be found at


1. Mary has an ____ To Die For at

2. Which star this Eden Mystery is catching at

3. You can get Hall’s workbook “Grow Your Unique ____ Voice” at

4. Learn more about “McGath’s ____ in Crime” radio show held the 3rd Tuesday of every month

6. Urry’s Audio narrations can be found at Amazon, iTunes and here at

9. Pass through Richardson’s “Door Into ____” at

11. This Janzer process is Indie approved at

12. Gauthier has Longing and this at

13. This Wan Kenobi’s last name found at