MTW 2018 Calendar of Events




*Welcome to Mystery Thriller Week 2018 & Bundle Giveaways – Mystery Thriller Week

*Author Interview with Laurel Heidtman & Lucia N. Davis – Laurel Heidtman

*Gabriela Pereira Podcast interview with Jane Friedman – The Business of Writing – Mystery Thriller Week

*Book Review – Look the Other Way by Kristina Stanley – Lucia Davis’s Reviews

*Book Review – Informium by Dana Stiller – Jennifer S. Alderson’s Reviews

*Q&A with Author Daniella Bernett – Mystery Thriller Week

*Interview with Author Marc Rainer & Steve Bentley (6PM EST) at

*Book Recommendations with Book Blogger Fictionophile – Mystery Thriller Week




FRIDAY APRIL 13, 2018 

*Audiobook Series Blog Tour: The Red Dog Conspiracy: The Jacq of Spades by Patricia Loofbourrow –  Mystery Thriller Week

*A Special Talk with Bestselling Author Steven James – Mystery Thriller Week

*Free Webinar – How to turn Instagram Into a Profit Machine with Publicist Dana Kaye & Instagram strategist Kelsey Chapman – 12 Noon EST – Save your spot

*Interview with Author Steven Bentley & Jennifer Alderson

*Author Interview – with Cozy Mystery author Janice J. Richardson

*Book Review: Before the Storm by Leslie Tentler – Fictionophile




* Interview with Harry Porter – Author of the Mersey Murder Mysteries

*Audiobook series Blog Tour: Book Review -The Jacq of Spades & Interview with Patrica Loofbourrow – on

*Audiobook Blog Tour – Book Review – One to Watch by Rachel Amphlett – The Writing Train

*Audiobook Blog Tour- Audiobook & Narrator Performance – One to Watch by Rachel Amphlett – on

*Article – The Writing Craft by Elena Hartwell – Mystery Thriller Week

*Guest Author – Marc Rainer –

*MTW Bundle Giveaway Contest – Mystery Thriller Week

*Book Review – The Devil’s Gorge by Doris Ilieva – Lucia Davis’s Reviews

*Book Review – Frankly Speaking by Don Massenzio – En Bokblogg

*Book Review – The Master by Dora Ilieva – Janice J. Richardson

*Book Recommendations with Fictionophile Part 2 – Mystery Thriller Week




SUNDAY APRIL 15, 2018 

*A Search Engine for Writers by Cozy Mystery Author Elizabeth S. Craig – Mystery Thriller Week

*Book Review – From Beyond the Grave by Daniella Bernett – Janice J. Richardson

*Article – The Power of Place by Mary Angela

*Author Interview with Caroline England – Mystery Thriller Week

*Spotlight on Author Stephen Bentley & Audiobook Giveaway – Jennifer S. Alderson

*Book Review – Rituals of the Dead by Jennifer S. Alderson – Janice Richardson’s Reviews

*Book Review – Murder in Absentia by Assaph Mehr – Lucia Davis’s Reviews





Monday April 16, 2018 

*Article -Writer’s Block: Can You Use it as a Tool? By Melinda Leigh – Mystery Thriller Week

*Article – Why Read the Book if you can watch the movie? – By Robbie Cheadle

*Book Review – Law & Vengeance by Mike Papantonio – Mystery Thriller Week

*Author Interview – Steve Bentley & Jennifer S. Alderson – Steve Bentley

*An Ode to the Career of Narrator Dick Hill – Mystery Thriller Week

*Agenda & MTW Suspenseful Reads Bundle Giveaway – Mystery Thriller Week

*Guest Author – Jennifer S. Alderson & Audiobook Giveaway – Stephen Bentley

*Literary Heroes & Amateur Sleuths by Colin Garrow – Jennifer S. Alderson

*Talks on Reading & Book Recommendations with Cozy Mystery Author Ritter Ames – Mystery Thriller Week




Tuesday April 17, 2018 

*Breaking News – On Becoming Jessica Fletcher by Author Jon Land – Mystery Thriller Week

*Genre Identity and the Author’s Voice by Janice J. Richardson – Jennifer S. Alderson

*Author Steven James hosts special guest Mark Greaney on the Story Blender Podcast – Mystery Thriller Week

*Book Marketing Tips: How To Sell Books With Social Media by Joanna Penn – The Writing Train

*Agenda & MTW International Thriller Bundle Giveaway – Mystery Thriller Week

*Book Review – The Escape Artist by Brad Meltzer – Mystery Thriller Week

*Interview with Author & Filmmaker Vivian Schilling – Mystery Thriller Week

*Talking Books with Thriller Fan Tom Dooley – Mystery Thriller Week




Wednesday April 18, 2018 

*Book Review – Yarned and Dangerous by Sadie Hartwell – Michelle Dragalin

*Spotlight on Author Tempeste Blake – Jennifer S. Alderson

*Article -What is Suspense by Author Sue Coletta – Mystery Thriller Week

*Facts in Fiction by Mystery Author Judy Penz Sheluk – Jennifer S. Alderson

*Book Recommendations with Crime Fiction Blogger Sheila Howes (@thequietgeordie) – Mystery Thriller Week

*Book Review – Bone’s Don’t Lie by Melinda Leigh – Mystery Thriller Week



Thursday April 19, 2018

*Article – A Tale of a Dinosaur Tail by Catherine Dilts – Jennifer S. Alderson

*Podcast – How to Harness the Difference between Plot & Story with Steve Alcorn – Mystery Thriller Week

*Article – The Clue to Character by Daniella Bernett – Mystery Thriller Week

*Crime Writing Conferences by Christina Hoag – Mystery Thriller Week

*Book Review – The Defense by Steve Cavanagh – Mystery Thriller Week

*Historical Mystery Book Recommendations with Daniella Bernett & Benjamin Thomas – Mystery Thriller Week



Friday April 20, 2018

*Audiobook Blog Tour: The Queen of Diamonds by Patricia Loofbourrow – Mystery Thriller Week

*Article – A Worthy Villain by Allison Brennan – Mystery Thriller Week

*Podcast– Getting Twitter to Fly for Authors – with Ian Sutherland – Mystery Thriller Week

*Interview with Sci-Fi Thriller writer Matthew Mather – Mystery Thriller Week

*Book Recommendations with Thriller Fan Vikki Faircloth – Mystery Thriller Week




Saturday April 21, 2018 

*Interview with Alan Bradley of the Flavia De Luce Mysteries – Mystery Thriller Week