Meet the Highwaypersons by Geoffrey Monmouth Participating MTW Author

Who are the Highwaypersons?  What are they like?

People have asked me about the main characters in my book Highwaypersons: Debts and Duties.  

  • It is hardly an unreasonable question and it is not one I should find difficult to answer.  I invented these characters and I have been living with them for some time as I have written and rewritten, edited and re-edited the novel.
  • There is, strangely enough, one difficulty.  I keep being reminded that I should ‘show, not tell’ in almost all situations.  Advice I appreciate.  Salesmen, take note!  I hope you will also think how it might apply to your situation, whoever you are.
  • One reason for an author to follow such advice is that the readers should make up their own minds about the people they encounter in the book.   

Despite this, I will say a few things to let you know what to expect.

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