super-fanIf you are already a fan of the Mystery Thriller genres, then you are in for a FAN-tastic surprise. Mystery Thriller Week is rolling out eleven fun-filled mysteriously thrilling days just for you! That’s one whole week and then some. We just couldn’t pack all the excitement into seven days. Beginning February 12th and running through February 22nd, 2017, MTW will engage you with online events around the clock 24/7. No matter what continent you hail from or which country you call home, rest assured that MTW plans to delight and thrill you with events, contests, book reviews, interviews, book excerpts, informative criminal and historical columns, book video trailers, blog tours, and live Facebook chat sessions with international best-selling authors. There will be mystery that thrills even the most selective palate.

Authors – MTW has amassed over 200 astounding top-notch authors who will graciously and willingly spend time discussing their books, characters, writing methods, and upcoming projects on Facebook with Fans.

Contests – Fans may want to test their writing skills and enter the free Write Hook Contest by submitting just 300 words to win top prizes. Perhaps reading a progressive mystery story written by numerous collaborative bloggers that will transport you through the blogosphere to vote on who killed the victim peaks your interest. If free e-books are your goal, MTW will present crossword puzzles, a word find puzzle, random trivia questions, and other opportunities to emerge as a MTW winner!

Books – The MTW Book Cellar will feature MTW author book covers from Amazon, Kindle, and author website links for Fans to peruse.  If you want to scratch that buttered popcorn itch, come ogle professional digitized trailers of books in the MTW Book Trailer Screening Room.

Reviews – Want to know what real honest readers think about books written by international best-selling authors on MTW? New and fresh reviews will be released daily on the MTW calendar for you to read. You may just find your new favorite author!

Columns, Guest Posts, and Blogs – Oh my! There will be scads of informative information written about Mysteries and Thrillers in February 2017. You can visit the MTW website or over 75 blogs that will be focused on what Fans want to read and learn about their favorite genre.

Facebook – The loving mother of all social media has agreed to allow live hourly sessions for eleven days to be hosted by MTW authors, specialists, writing coaches, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and skype enthusiasts. You can interact with the session host in real time by asking questions, commenting, or simply watching it all unfold in the mysterious and thrilling way you are expecting. You will be able to join one session or as many as your schedule will allow. Join the MTW Facebook Group today.

Most importantly, if you would like to take it one step further and become a SUPER FAN, be sure to sign up below. The next newsletter will be released soon to those MTW enthusiasts who are signed up. You will also receive a JPEG file of the 2017 Mystery Thriller Week logo to display on your own website, email signature block, screensaver, or anywhere digital greatness can be displayed. Stay informed early about the great things coming your way in February 2017!



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