We need to talk: Facebook chat 7p EST



Hey folks!


It’s that time again guys. We’re going to have our collaboration chat on Facebook this time instead of Twitter. It should be a little easier to follow along.

Any writer is welcome to join the conversation. The event itself is geared toward mystery, thriller and crime fiction writers of every kind.



When: Thurs. Nov. 3rd , 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Where: Facebook Mystery Thriller Week event page.

Who: You.

What: Bring your social media ideas for 10 days of Mystery and Thriller goodness. We want to hear everyone’s ideas and thoughts. This is all about you, Mystery Thriller writers, Join in and get involved!

Why: Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration = success!










Teamwork makes the dream work- Unknown










“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”- Helen Keller








Be a team player and join the conversation.  Facebook event page Thurs Nov. 3rd at 7p EST.  #mysterythrillerweek We nee your voice.









Nice working with you.









Benjamin Thomas



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