Cozy Mystery Heist

Meet Lex, whom I’ve hired to gather all the cozy mystery writers to sign up for Mystery Thriller Week  Feb. 12-22, 2017. So, don’t make him angry.




Hands up!! Gimme all the cozy mysteries ya got, and nobody gets hurt…


It’s a Cozy Mystery Heist! Stop!


I’ve created the upcoming event called Mystery Thriller Week, beginning Feb. 12-22, 2017 to celebrate the mystery and thriller crime fiction genre. Promoting, connecting, celebrating authors from anywhere and everywhere, published or unpublished.

We need Cozies for the following:

  • Guest post
  • Promo 
  • Read & Review
  • Blog post
  • Recruit fellow mystery writers














We all could use a little dance, couldn’t we?

Need a review for your book? Done.

Need shameless promotion of your work? Done.

Need connection with like minded authors? Done.

Need a chance to celebrate the mystery, thriller & crime genres? Done.




The only real question is–Do you want to have fun?

Then let’s dance.




Join the Goodreads group!

Like the Facebook page.

Join as an Author or Blogger.

Further questions? send and email to:

Let the thrills begin…





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